OP blankets

UniqueTemp° – The latest polymer technology and special surface coating create an ideal symbiosis between the very highest safety standards and maximum efficiency in our warming blankets.


    Just plug and warm
  • The single-cable plug-in system means that up to 4 warming blankets can be added or removed – even during the operation
    Innovative materials
  • Antibacterial, blood and fluid resistant reusable covers, suitable for wiping with disinfectant and washable at up to 95 °C alternatively, textile disposable covers (sterile and non-sterile)
    Ingenious warming blanket technology
  • High-performance warming technology and safety sensor technology enable our blankets
    to be used for X-ray, ultrasound and CT procedures, latex-free, resistant to breakage and bending
    Patient positions
  • Optimum warming blanket handling for difficult patient positions
    Positioning examples